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Originally Posted by rkkeller View Post
Strange but I am not experiencing any of this but it sounds like some of you are trying to run/do to many things at the same time. I know Apple has limits like this in place too and why it "sort of" multitasks the way it does.

I did have a problem with Tango hanging the other day and trying to use voice in SMS but it turned out to be another app EVA not releasing the microphone.
Android has always been this way, it was simply harder to force the condition before.

It seems to be the combination of less available ram and a higher threshold setting for minimum free memory.

It's going to affect some people not at all and others quite a bit because it does depend on how much the user is doing at once as well as the size of the tasks involved.

Coming from the Evo 3D, I'd guesstimate that, all else being equal, we've lost the ability to load the equivalent of a few extra web pages.
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