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Originally Posted by mannyp View Post
Hi guys, a little help for an Android novice if you can please!

I'm very interested in the HTC T328w Wind but just have a few questions before taking the plunge with

I currently have an iPhone 4S and a Galaxy Y Pro Duos. However, the Galaxy Y is far too slow for my liking but I really need the dual SIM functionality. I also previously had a Viewsonic V350 but the less said about the handset, the better. The videos of the T328w in action on the etotalk website look very promising indeed.

The U960, the best dual sim phone so far, is in between the power of an iphone 3GS and and iphone 4, the HTC wind should be slightly less powerfull: older CPU/GPU, (supposedly) more optimized SW.

The galaxy Y and the viewsonic are crap arm V6 devices equipped with cpu good only for basic tasks.

Or maybe not? Is there more to installing such apps because of the phone being rooted?
usually thiose are very basic operations, for a decently skilled user, but can be hard to accomplish for a novice. In short it's all about You.

P.S. as iphone user you may consider the gmate (now compatible with android too), not as handy as a real dual sim phone, but you can use it with your actual smartphone, and you can get a virtual DSFA dual sim device (like the U960).

Someone tested it also with an U960 making a Trial SIM Trial Active phone..
Looking for easy instructions to get your ZTE-U960 updated to the 02B08 ROM ? Take a look here
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