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I didn't know squat about shell commands until messing up my first smart phone Last Year.
The more you become comfortable using a command line the better it is for you. If you are not comfortable with a command line and shell commands thru ADB, then when when you mess up your phone (Even seasoned modders mess up there phones) you have a better chance of turning a situation that you could get you phone out of into a bricked phone.

It's not hard to learn. I was 47 last year when I had to learn, and I over think everything.
If I can learn anybody can. It is to your benefit to learn the simple commands needed to affect change to your system, recovery, boot.img, etc.

This knowledge has gotten me out of quite a few self inflicted problems with my phone.

I would start by getting the USB drivers for you tablet (a google search should do the trick) then get ADB set up on your PC. If it's a Windows Vista or 7 check this out: New pre-packaged ADB installation
This has worked 100% of the time.

Then google shell commands, and fastboot commands, then google Root access and File permissions.
Next thing would be to follow the instructions here. There really not hard once you have read up on all the ^ above.

Trying to root, install a custom flash_image, flash a custom recovery and ROM is best done with a little more knowledge. The more knowledge the less chance for mistakes, and if a mistake is made you will know how to fix it.
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