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ok,if you want to keep your t mobile CID,heres your firmware:
md5: 625fba1e56a49bfcb56b65fa22b69828

*please double check your md5s. a bad radio or hboot flash can permanetly brick your device,and the firmware files contain both.

download,rename PG58IMG and flash in hboot. that should get your current rom booting and functional. note that if you need to go back to GB,you cannot,without restoring GB firmware.

gingerbread firmware:
md5: 609e5fea7661f884bcbba57631d4d50e

if you wish to superCID:

download this:
it contains adb,fastboot and an md5sums utility

-extract it,place the unzipped folder on the root of your C drive

-open a cmd window(win 7,clock start button,type "command" or "cmd" in search box)

-change to mini-adb directory by typing,or copy/paste in the cmd window:
cd c:\mini-adb you should see your promt change to c:\mini-adb>

-place phone in charge only mode,plug in(im assuming you have rooted via revolutinary and have drivers.if not use revolutioary drivers)

-in cmd:
adb devices

-if you get your serial number back,boot to bootloader:
adb reboot bootloader

-check for connectivity
fastboot devices

-if you get a serial number back,check your cid first,in case you want to restore it later
fastboot getvar cid
fastboot getvar all (will return other variables as well )

-change CID
fastboot oem writecid 11111111 (eight ones)

-reboot bootloader
fastboot reboot-bootloader

-check CID again
fastboot getvar cid
fastboot getvar all

-verify CID=11111111

fastboot reboot
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