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Arrow STOCK ROM Releases | All 3 Firmwares - 4 Versions Each | Stock Apps | Stripper Application

LG Connect 4G ROM Release Thread

Exercise EXTREME caution when performing modifications to any type of ROM. While these are backups of other individuals ROMs, and they are tested there is no way that we can prevent you from causing an issue during the process of using these.
If you don't know what they are, or how to use them then do your research first. Myself, and the Orginal Uploaders of the ROMs listed here take NO responsibility for any damage caused to your phone, operating environment, system files, sd card files, etc. when performing these modifications. In other words, you assume FULL responsibility for any, and all actions incurred from utilizing these files.

This thread will contain (after they are acquired or donated by other users to contribute to this thread) all available STOCK ROM types for the LG Connect. The purpose of this is to allow a centralized location where all the stock variances will have a single residence to allow easier finding without cluttering our sub-section with requests for things that are/have already been listed.

These are ONLY Stock / Rooted / De-Bloated / Stripped - The Custom ROMs need to stay in their respective thread as that is NOT the purpose of this at all.


To install these ROMs please follow the instructions listed below VERY carefully. These instructions assume you're using Clockwork Mod Recovery. If you're not, then please go read on it. It's a necessity for this type of swap to work.

1. Download the ROM you wish to use.
2. Extract using 7zip, winrar etc.. (on pc - it's faster that way - typically)
3. Put the extracted folder into the "Backup" folder inside "./SDCard/Clockwork Mod/Backup" on your phone.
4. Download ROM Manager (If you don't already have it.
5. Open ROM Manager, and select "Reboot into Recovery." Wait on phone to boot into ClockworkMod Recovery.
6. Perform a FULL DATA wipe (Otherwise known as a Factory Wipe)
7. Select Wipe Cache.
8. Select "Advanced"
9. Wipe the "Battery Stats" - (Helps maintain Battery life appropriately with new ROMs)
10. Wipe the "Dalvik Cache."
11. Go into the Backup/Recovery Menu
12. Select Recovery
13. Select the Folder that you just placed within ClockWork Recovery Backup Folder
14. Wait on Restore to complete (It will notify you when finished.)
15. Select "Reboot System Now."
16. Wait on the device to reboot and go to your home screen.
17. Reboot after you are running the ROM and at the home screen. (THIS IS NECESSARY AND MANDATORY AS WELL AS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

========ROM LISTING========

¤Stock - Unrooted

¤MS840ZV8 - Waiting on Upload

¤MS840ZV9 - Waiting on Upload

¤MS840ZVA - Waiting on Upload

¤Stock - Rooted

¤MS840ZV8 - Credits to OrKo LINK:Removed due to difficulties. Will be back within 24-48 hours.[/url]

¤MS840ZV9 - Credits to Gadget Lovers LINK:MS840ZV9 Stock - Rooted

¤MS840ZVA - Credits to Gadget Lovers LINK: MS840ZVA Stock - Rooted

¤Stock - Rooted - De-Bloated

¤MS840ZV8 - Waiting on Upload

¤MS840ZV9 - Credits to Gadget Lovers Debloated By: Dracconus LINK:ZV9-Debloated

¤MS840ZVA - Credits to Airtioteclint LINK:MS840ZVA-Stock-Rooted-CWM_Touch-De-Bloated


¤Stock - Rooted - STRIPPED!!!

**WARNING** These ROMs are STRIPPED! If you get the (process com.lge.autorun) has stopped issue, or Error 921 while downloading an app restart the phone, and it should work fine! ( I didn't notice this error and did try several methods to both invoke, and prevent it, but you never really know do you.)

Several apps which people MAY find "necessary" have been removed from these and WILL be necessary for certain aspects to work. However, in light of that, I did this for the "gaming concious" individual that uses their phone more as a portable media center than a phone such as myself.

The following Apps have been uninstalled from the Stripped ROMs:
They're listed in the EXACT Same order as they are set in the folder when sorted by Name Alphabetically (easier to track this way if you wanted a certain one )


¤MS840ZV8 - Waiting on Upload

¤MS840ZV9 - Credits to Gadget Lovers Debloated By: Dracconus LINK:Stock ZV9-Rooted-Stripped

¤MS840ZVA - Waiting on Upload

¤Stripper Application¤ (Executable Program for PC - I am not familiar with Mac, so I dont' have a version for that...sorry. If someone is and is willing to assist please feel free to PM me.)

¤ Stripper - Credits to the ENTIRE Team of Individuals who made the root exploit, super user, etc. Without these it wouldn't be possible to do this (this easily.) Credits to Dracconus for Coding the Stripper process.
[b]LINK: LG Stock Stripper


¤Stock Apps from "Stripped Versions"

¤ Stock Apps - Credits to Dracconus LINK: Stock Apps
If you would like to donate please use the link below.
Donate to me here
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