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I'm on Elite #2 now (with Virgin Mobile). My first Elite was draining the battery pretty rapidly quickly--I think I could have eked out 12-18 hours of life with minimal usage. I partially "solved" it by turning off most of the comms: WiFi, GPS, bluetooth, and sync. Then it started freezing up periodically, as I posted in the freezing thread.

So, I exchanged it at Best Buy for Elite #2 last night. Elite #2 is barely sipping the battery. Since unplugging this morning, I've gone ~6 hours, done a little texting, powered cycled it (to mount an SD card), messed with settings, and done a little web browsing. Battery is at 88%. All radios are on.

To summarize: I think my battery-eating, self-bricking Elite #1 was a lemon. I'm cautiously optimistic that Elite #2 is a good one. Time will tell.

I think "MobileID" is the devil. After it hijacked my phone and downloaded a bunch of apps I didn't want, I tried to kill it. But it wouldn't go away. So I installed a plain-vanilla Gingerbread launcher and set it to default. Now MobileID is just sitting there in the background doing Richard-Branson-only-knows-what, but at least I don't have to think about it. I may end up rooting this phone just to delete that app!
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