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Originally Posted by fattank View Post
Please let us know if/when you come up with something that works. I am still waiting on my LTE, but discussions of its camera ("all marketing, it's a blur-fest with grotesquely over-sharpened edges") and multitasking ("there's only 600MB ram free due to gfx mapping, and sense takes 500 of that") leave me absolutely horrified. Since I got mine secondhand and am still waiting for it to arrive, I don't think I can return it. I was so excited for this phone... is it really that bad compared to the SGS3?

Looks like Samsung is more than hype this time. The RAM makes the multitasking issues disappear, and the camera samples look incredible compared to the LTE, both zoomed out and zoomed all the way in (though I haven't seen comparisons with turned down HTC's ridiculous sharpness/contrast/saturation settings yet). Sure, I'd lose a kickstand, better screen (more accurate colors and resolution), Sense (I've gotten quite accustomed to it), and HTC's build quality (Though scratched by sand?)...

What to do?

If you haven't already, you should take a look at

Great opinions from great people.

I've tested a few games and have found no lag.
I do get that pesky Menu button on the screen though.
But this is the app dev's problem and will probably show up on other ICS phones too. I didn't see it playing Temple Run.
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After browsing with like 6 tabs opened on the default browser with "View Desktop Site" enabled, I do sometimes get Sense to reload. Web browsing consuming a good amount of RAM is to be expected (even on the PC).

The LTEvo is an excellent phone with great build quality and camera. I am a Sense fan. Don't let all the opinions and gripes of the phone get you down. I dislike TouchWiz but like the 2 GB of RAM on the SG3. But when I fiddle with my LTEvo, I can't help but fall in love with it again.
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