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Default Can you use wallet on a new device, with same gmail used on old device with google wallet?!

Im afraid to activate my wallet, because as I'm sure many of you have heard or seen.. I was the unlucky fellow who did a factory reset on day 2 of having the device and mind you I pre ordered may 7 promptly at 9am via the sprint website. I received mine may 24 the google wallet side of the device instantly became bricked when I had no choice but to do a factory reset to fix sense issues....and I had one heck of a mountain to climb in 14 days to get a new device considering the rest of the devices were still stuck in customs...called sprint, google, HTC almost every day we talked...well finally I got what I deserved a new device!

But since I used my gmail address on the bricked wallet I'm scared to use the same gmail to set up google wallet this time on a completely new phone.. any ideas!? Iv asked google several times about this...there only reply was please wait until we are certain what has caused your last issue. They won't say yes youl be fine, but they won't say NO DON'T DO IT EITHER so idk what to do ...I'm dying to test it out though and I can't I don't wanna brick google wallet #2 and be screwed for good this time all over a lack of detail before factory resetting your device!
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