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Originally Posted by 1981 View Post
thank you guys.
finallyyy FLASHED to LPG via Odin yesterday and ROOTED my S2 today(first timer ). wat a relief. had never thought of such procedures during the last 8months of having the S2. it really was a smooth process with the help of Ironass guides.
now I would like to clarify few things before getting deeper into the stuff. plz advise.

1- i have done nandroid backup(through recovery mode). is this procedure exactly the same as doing backup from within the CWM app? I understand this a 'system restore' thingy. wat is the scenario that this backup should have to be restored again? if I FLASH different ROMS and then do this nandroid restore while using someother ROM, would it delete all that and take me back to right where I am now?

2- next about the Titanium backup. I have bought the Pro version. just update all apps and data using that, rite

3- before proceding to the ROM flashing procedures, is there something that should necessarily be done? in case something goes wrong

4- ROOT EXPLORER app itself should be installed? or apps like androzip and astro would do the same work?

5- USB debugging mode should be always enabled after ROOTING is done?

6- Odin Ver 1.85 and ver 3.04. I saw these versions, but Ironass guide says v1.85. is that a better one?

7- the 'TRIANLE AWAY' app, should it be installed now, or sometime later, when in need of warranty again?
thank you all. cheers....
1. a CWM (or nandroid) backup is a complete snapshot of your current system barring the modem. whatever you do to your device in terms of roms, apps, data etc, restoring it will return you to the state your phone was at the time of taking the backup. What scenario to restore????? if you dont like your current setup/rom, if your device wont boot, if you lose your status bar, the list is endless.

2. just use it to back up your user apps+data, and possibly some selected system apps (mostly data only). Dont restore system apps/data between firmware versions as this may cause FC's

3. Before flashing a new rom, take a CWM backup then format /system and factory reset (or run my Nuke script. I see you have already read my full wipe thread so that pretty much sums it up.

4. use ES file explorer

5. No, it doesnt matter.

6. You can use either. 3.04 can also be used on the GS3

7. Install it if you want, or get a USB Jig off eBay.
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