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I suggest the use of a new word in this process ... whimsy.

These releases all unfold the way they unfold and the announcements and pseudo announcements by Verizon don't help much.

There was a 5.9.901 that was sent to a whole group of people who had not signed up for a soak test. 5.9.901 was never released. I was on the list for soak tests and never got 5.9.901.

This was followed by a two-day 5.9.902 soak test. 5.9.902 was pushed to me as part of the test.

When 5.9.902 was released to everyone there was concern of how to get from 5.9.901 to 5.9.902 for that group. It was provided.

When 5.9.902 was released I was released from the nondisclosure agreement that prohibited me from discussing it anywhere other than the private Motorola forum.

So the operative words are always ... patience and whimsy.

... Thom

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