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Originally Posted by floorguy View Post
so it looks like the SG III is coming out this month

and after reading on the specs.....very very tempting...

AND IT HAS A REMOVABLE SD CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so they said in theory you could have 128 gigs in this bad boy..... holy crap
I'm not tempted in the least. Samsung is crap. I don't care what the specs are. They lost me forever with the Epic. That phone was nothing but trouble for the 12 months I was forced to keep it because I was waiting for my next upgrade. As soon as I got my next upgrade (actually got it pushed back a few weeks) I dumped that crappy Epic and got the Photon.

Yes, I had issues with the Photon at first. And, once I got the right Photon and Motorola released updates that fixed anything else, I was in heaven. I love my Photon.

My experience with Samsung was that the Epic was released as broken and had inferior hardware in every way possible. Whenever Samsung finally got around to releasing updates to "fix" problems with the Epic, the updates not only didn't fix anything they were promised to fix, they usually broke more features. Eventually my Epic became a brick after updating a "fix." I got a replacement Epic. After only using that Epic for only a few months, the keys on the slider spontaneously started popping off.

I still get convulsions every time I even think about that Epic or being forced to buy another Samsung product ever.

I know that others have better experiences than me. I'll stand by my experience. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
Happy LTEvo owner. When do I get to play music with everyone?
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