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Originally Posted by chriskjmin View Post
Hey New to this forum,
I don't know what the heck my phone is in state of right now. It is Droid X and I was on Apex(Workig fine) trying for CM7, but something went wrong. Now when I turn on my phone oddly it has the Google boot logo and after two seconds turns off and shows the Boot logo, and keeps doing this until my phone dies. Now I tried to SBF but RSD won't even recognize my phone it is blank for device and when i turn it on.....Nothing I am so(XInfiniti) scared right now...I am shaking my entire life is on that phone. I have the file for APEX and would love to go back to it....since I don't want to can anyone please help me......Please........
Welcome to AF. Your phone is in a bootloop. It was caused by flashing the CM7 rom which is based on Froyo from Apex which is Gingerbread based. I hope your "entire life" is at least on the sd card cause then it's all still there and won't be harmed during the sbf process.

If your phone has a good charge, load into bootloader mode (hold down camera and volume down and then press power button) and try using the Linux disc to sbf. It's really easy to use and comes in handy should you ever need to sbf again. This is the link to the instructions.

Linux solution to your Windows/RSD lite problems

There is a pre-rooted version of .602 there or standard nonrooted versions. Whichever version you choose to go with, make sure to check the MD5. That's just a way to verify that the file you downloaded isn't corrupt or anything. There are plenty of free programs that can check the MD5. Just do a quick search.

3 rules for rooted phones:
1. Backup apps and data
2. Verify Backup
3. Backup apps and data

It's a good idea to always backup everything after you've rooted your phone. Making a nandroid is also a good idea. That way, data isn't completely lost should something like this happen. There are many ways to do that. I personally use Titanium Backup.

Hope everything works out for you. If you have anymore questions, ask away.
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