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I love mine.
I have a Samsung Player 5.0
a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
and I just got a 60" Samsung TV with a Samsung Blue Ray surround sound.

I am discovering that Samsung is amazing.
This Player 5.0 can do everything my Galaxy Tab 10.1 can do. ( I think, so far)
It's just smaller. It is amazing!

The other night I was playing around with my Samsung toys, using Allshare.
From the 5.0 player or from the Tab I can access pictures, video, and mp3's on my desktop pc. Now there was a funny little symbol on the screen that looked like a TV with 2 arrows going across it. I pressed it and whatever I was looking at on either the player or the tab, showed up on my big screen tv.

I have had a Linksys media extender forever and this technology just made it obsolete. And then some. I have always been the go to nerdy guy and this stuff is just blowing me away. Every day it seems I discover more and more. I'm in hog heaven! so to speak. haha

My latest discovery is that I can use the 5.0 player as a still camera or video camera and instantly see my pictures and videos on the big screen. Great for parties I'm sure. And kids. haha
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