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Originally Posted by wildkitten View Post
I've noticed that since about the time this 905 test/release/whatever started happening a few days ago there has been a LOT of data drops. Nothing that lasts a long time, just drop, then right back a few moments later. Highly annoying.

And I have not yet got 905, still on 902.
Funny you should say that--I've recently gotten well over 20 drops a day of 4G. Most of the time it's back in less than 30 seconds, but when one is using the phone as much as I do, it's readily apparent that 4G drops. My wife, a much lighter user, hardly notices the drops. Most of the time if Pandora is playing it doesn't interrupt the music, but the drop shows up as delayed data in news apps and stoppage of games, etc. I think much of the issue I'm having relates to exactly where I'm using my phone. When at the kitchen table, I notice more drops, for example. I think coverage inside my home is marginal...
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