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Originally Posted by ChiweN View Post
Don't understand how the scene could be dead. Broken out rom just came out what like 2 weeks ago and version 2 is in the works, PG is working on cm7/cm9/plague kernel, I wrote a cwm touch/aio easy install script last week, and other stuff is going on.

What do you expect, daily updates and ROMs? Guess you better get cracking on doing some work yourself.

Not trying to insult, it just burns my ass when people say that kinda shit, especially when they themselves have nothing constructive to add to the pot. Sorry to go off topic, carry on guys.

I do appreciate the collection of stock ROMs dracconus, awesome
Wow, Always nice to see someone with such stature defend the minimalistic amount of help I can afford to give at my current level :P
It's true that there is a LOT of work that goes into even the simplest things for android.
For example, the "stripped rom:" I tested every uninstalled app by creating a backup, then uninstalling it, then rebooting the phone, and testing both the stock launcher, third party launchers, notification bars, the play store, and numerous 3d, and 3d games to make sure that no one had any issues with it (of course I can't detect, or prevent everything.)
The stripped version took almost a pure 12 hours of testing to get it as empty as possible, and for someone to come on here and throw that in my face as if it's nothing is really ****ed, so I really do appreciate the compliments, and you having my Back Chiwen.

as for the ZVA that you uploaded Air don't sweat it. I'm going to flash it tonight, and remove the pass, then re-up to my DB and get it ready for the stripped, and such versions.
Once I release the stripped, and debloated of all the ROMs I'll begin doing the de-rooting since it's a process that requires NOT having root, which all the rest of the versions need, so it's kinda backwards :P

Thanks to all who appreciate, and to those that don't **** off and go do your own studying like I did. maybe you'll realize how complicated it is to even make a freaking widget that says "hi" when you press it and stop having your head in your ass
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