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Why not get a Subsidzed Cost phone... I renew my 3 year contact all the time.. and keep my grandfathered plan... and don't have to pay the full price for the phone..

if you buy a phone at full price like the N1 your going to be paying the same rate as I am or more.. since i'm using old rates.. and doing an upgrade does not effect them.

I plan on using a cell phone for more then 3 years.. I can upgrade before the 3 years and get another phone at Subsidzed Cost.. and sell my old one that will cover 100% of the cost of the new one.

I'm waiting for the X10 since I can't see spending $600+ for a phone.. $199 sounds good to me... I have not even had my HTC magic for a year and I can upgrade to any phone today.. you just have to get to the right level of support level for
But i'm waiting for the X10. also when I get the x10 I will sell my magic and it will pay for my new phone.. so it cost me nothing other then paying for my plan.. using a Subsidzed Cost Phone like the x10.

Another Point is its not hard to get out of a 3 year contact... I have done it before with bell.. all you have to do is list your phone on say Kijij for a cost of $0 if they take over your contact. then do a transfer of contact.. its very easy only took me 4 hours to get out of my bell contact.
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