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Originally Posted by Doomstang View Post
My original Evo and my 3D had no light leakage but sadly my new Evo LTE has some in the center. It's not as bad as some pictures I've seen but it's definitely noticeable on black screens.

Here is a picture of someone's light leakage that was posted on another forum:

He noticed that the one that had problems was from a box with a large security seal sticker. His 2nd Evo had a smaller sticker (we are assuming they are from 2 different assembly lines) and did not have the light leakage problem. I checked my box and it also has the larger sticker. For those of you who have the light leakage you also have the larger sticker? It would be interesting to gather a larger sample size to see if there is a direct correlation.

Here's a pic of the 2 stickers:
[Broken IMG]
Doom, I wouldn't mind seeing your source thread if you can find it (tried searching but couldn't find anything).

My first phone has the larger sticker box, very slight light leakage when looking down at an angle and dust in the screen (glued in I bet during build up). I ruminated about it for a while and finally decided to get a swap.

My second phone has the smaller box sticker (with the word void inlayed). I found it curious and remembered this thread.
The second unit very clearly has a different display manufacturer or process.

Despite the slight light leak, the first display is far superior in my eyes! The whites are white, whereas the second unit has a warm color over saturation.

On the second unit the whites are yellowy. It also has a slightly less bright backlight (thus no light leak?). I feel like I can almost see the pixel rows at times. I can sense some slight flickering in my peripheral vision sometimes (keen eyesight here). Even the info in the notification bar is different sized, especially apparent on the time readout in the upper right. Touching the screen firmly in the lower left area of the screen ripples the display Liquid. It also has a worsened viewing angle. When at an angle the screen has a reddish haze to it where on my original unit it is more or less clear at most angles.

Finally found the source link:
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