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Originally Posted by CafeKampuchia View Post
Did you do the factory reset and wipe cache before or after actually runing the backup? If before then you lost all your user data but the ROM is intact--you're safe.
not really sure what I did. I think I wiped cache but didn't do a factory reset. I lost the user data (which I don't really care about) and it's running OK. Being the impatient little beast that I am, I actually continued fiddling around, hit "fix permissions", and then ran into a loop of unidentified UID error messages. So I rebooted into bootloader, restored the backup as per your instructions, and all is well!

Originally Posted by CafeKampuchia View Post
Clear dalvik is under advanced and this needs to be done before installing a custom ROM or restoring a ROM, just like factory reset and wipe cache partition.
yup, found it right after having posted...

Originally Posted by CafeKampuchia View Post
To know if you are rooted, install an app that requires root like Titanium Backup. When you run it, SuperUser should put up a dialog box asking if it should grant root access.
Originally Posted by Caro332
It's possible for you to find out by trying to use an app that requires root. Make sure you have Superuser or SuperSU installed then try isntalling Titanium backup or ROM manager. Once you open one of those 2, it will tell you whether you have root or not

Originally Posted by CafeKampuchia View Post
Hope that helps!
yup !!
you have a disclaimer saying this is not recommended for first-time rooters. Well, the instrutions were a bit scary and overwhelming, and it took me a few days of reading and trying, of shifting from this forum to xda-developers forum, to a few Spanish forums. But this is certainly the best guide I found!

I may now say that this was my very first time rooting/hacking anything, and I pulled it off. . With some time and effort (finding the basic information is difficult, because all posts around the web take for granted a initial knowledge level), noobs can do this too! Credit goes to the clarity of the guide.

To make it completely user-friendly, if I may provide feedback, I would add some explanations:
* those who have the latest FOTA update should replace step 4 with sentinel's guide
* check the bootloader screen before starting the unlocking procedure. you will see al the identification numbers and data that are quoted pretty much everywhere (took me forever to figure that one out!)
* marvel = marvel pvt (I'm still not 100% sure about this one!)
* RUU = HTC's application to update ROM and unlock boot
* If you can't find the RUU that fits your wildfire S, try selecting "all other supported devices" on the HTCdev page, instead of "Wildfire S*"

now, to choose my ROM....
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