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Originally Posted by dnomhcir27 View Post
i also bought this phone in korea and i'm having the same problem with my phone. i recently downloaded smspro but everytime i sent a msg i always get the "msg not sent" alert. could you help and tell me what i have to do to solve this problem.
How many sms apps are you running in your phone?

Please read this confirm you have done all this .......

When a user sends a text message (SMS message) to another user, the message gets stored in the SMSC (short message service center) which delivers it to the destination user when they are available. This is a store and forward option.

An SMS center (SMSC) is responsible for handling the SMS operations of a wireless network.

When an SMS message is sent from a mobile phone, it will reach an SMS center first.

The SMS center then forwards the SMS message towards the destination.

The main duty of an SMSC is to route SMS messages and regulate the process. If the recipient is unavailable (for example, when the mobile phone is switched off), the SMSC will store the SMS message.

It will forward the SMS message when the recipient is available. source

Hence, You must know the address of the wireless network operator's SMSC in order to use SMS messaging with your mobile phone. Typically an SMSC address is an ordinary phone number in the international format. The SMSC address is pre-set in the SIM card by the wireless network operator, which means you do not need to make any changes to it but it may not be entered into your sms app, hence you need to enter it manually

How do we enter SMSC manually?

For Go SMS available free from google market

To enter SMSC settings

Open Go SMS pro and touch menu in your phone > touch settings in Go sms pro > Touch advanced panel > scroll down to SEND setting and touch > scroll down to Enabled customized SMSC and TICK > than Touch Customized SMSC number and ENTER YOUR NETWORK provided sms center number in international format (meaning + countrycode & center phone number , its like +63918xxxxxxxx)

Thats it

For MMS setting

open GO SMS pro > touch menu > touch sttings in Go > Touch advanced panel > scroll down to MMS settings and touch > scroll down to Fill APN configuration manually and Tick it > than enter MMSC, MMS Proxy and MMS port as given by your NETWORK provider in your country.

Tips/Explanation: by XDA member happyllj

1. To make GO SMS as default (avoid receiving two notifications), Open stock SMS, in Settings, disable the Notifications, and in GO SMS's Settings, verify that Notifications option is enabled

2. Warning about “keep getting duplicate messages”: If you installed latest Handcent. It may cause you to receive double messages in GO SMS, please disable “Self-check” under “Retrieve message settings” of Handcent settings

3. If trouble with receiving MMS, please go to the stock SMS's settings, and enable the MMS auto-retrieve

4. For time offset issue, please try: Settings->Receive Settings-> set time adjustment offset

5. To fix message out of order issue for some phones, please try: Settings–Appearance Settings–Sort type of conversation messages

6. To make automatically turn on the screen when receiving message, go to "Settings"-"Notification Settings"-"Default notification Settings", enable "Unlock screen"

7. For privacy, you can use security lock, and you can set "Notification bar privacy mode" in "Default notification Settings"; uncheck “Display message content” in Popup windows settings

8. For individual settings, you can set it through Settings - Individual Settings, or through menu in conversation UI (individual bubble settings are under dev, thanks)

9. You can set signature in "Send Settings", and set individual signature in “Individual settings”.

10. Vote function (Menu –Vote. Please vote for “3 features you would love most to get from GO SMS”)

11. For reminder for unread messages, enable option: Settings–Notification Settings – Default notification settings–Reminder

12. There are two MMS view mode: long pressing the MMS, you can select “View flat slideshow” or “View slideshow”.

13. Messages Group Mode means if two messages’ interval is within 3 minutes, they will be grouped; the second message will not display time.

14. GO SMS support sending message to group: you just need to select multiple contacts (or group) from contact list.

15. “Resend” option is available in context menu for failed messages

Problems:- "Message not sent"

First reboot phone and test again ( by sending a message to yourself/someone nearby you) , If the problem still exists the reasons for this are

1) SMSC number missing

solution:- Enter SMSC number in the apps settings

2) if you had downloaded some form of text messaging apps from the market and then later deleted it or left it unused without freezing it, the settings from the old app stay buried somewhere within the android operating system files and it continues to mimic the attributes of the that app.

Solution: You need to install the deleted app again and alter its settings

For Handset SMS app:-

IF you had clicked yes to send a return receipt on a text message containing an image in Handset app, Handcent will show you this queue and allows you to delete these messages. Hence message not sent will appear on your phone...But in the Stock sms app it will just queue it and try to send again later


1. Re-Install (if deleted) Handcent SMS
2. Launch Handcent SMS
3. Press Menu Button >> More + >> Undelivered messages
4. Here you can delete undelivered conversations and end your "messages not sent" woes!

3) If you used an app called Contacts Cleanup. It will put a +1 prefix in front of all my contact numbers and making them invalid.

Solution :- remove the +1 from a contact

If all above had been tried and failed :-

only option would be to reset your phone to factory default THINK first... you need to save everything, you can use kies for contacts photos etc before you reset

Most of all, ONLY use one sms app and set it as your default sms app and freeze the stock sms app

This page will be updated as needed and linked to pit stop page
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