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Originally Posted by NeoteriX View Post
Do we know that HDR on the phone is a real HDR process (combining multiple exposures) or is it just a post-processing effect? I thought it was just the latter? (I only hear one "snap" although it's just the speaker and not actual shutter).

In other news, I was playing around with the options and saw that the "low-light" mode on the Evo actually locks out the ISO, so instead of extending the exposure, it might just be locking in the higher ISO, I'm not quite sure (are we able to see the exposure data -- shutter and aperture -- in the EXIF? So far I've only seen focal length and ISO). It also seems to be doing something weird with the white balance in the limited time I've messed around with it last night.
I'm no professional, but I'm going to say the former. It seems that I need a much steadier hand when I take HDR shots as I almost always blur the image as the camera takes longer exposure shots.
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