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Originally Posted by ChiweN View Post
Don't understand how the scene could be dead. Broken out rom just came out what like 2 weeks ago and version 2 is in the works, PG is working on cm7/cm9/plague kernel, I wrote a cwm touch/aio easy install script last week, and other stuff is going on.

What do you expect, daily updates and ROMs? Guess you better get cracking on doing some work yourself.

Not trying to insult, it just burns my ass when people say that kinda shit, especially when they themselves have nothing constructive to add to the pot. Sorry to go off topic, carry on guys.

I do appreciate the collection of stock ROMs dracconus, awesome
Sorry to offend you boss or anyone I didnt state that right I appologize greatly. As well if you go to the first page of the all root forums for co nnect you will see if I have contributed or not or just being a new bit-- user. And trust me sir I have been watching lots of youtube video which fails to explain how to really create a rom, all they do is take others rom and add some stuff which by Pkayfulgod's word "dirty port" and I dont want to do that. And the guide I ahve read I didnt get chance to perform, first needs linux skill which I dont have then have to download linux with my slow ass internet lol. I will download it today and see if I can actually do anything, atleast trying and failing is better then not trying. And the only hours I get to use my computer is after 11:30 PM everyday lol because I have to work I have to support my family and others are always needing me for help strange.
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