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Originally Posted by Thom Little View Post
Have you tried a soft reset since you did the update? Hold down Volume Up/Volume Down/Power until the menu appears and then disappears.

It would be interesting to see if this had a positive impact on your issue.

... Thom
Yes. It's not an issue with the phone. It's not happening nearly as often, but is still going on. Even had it switch down to 3G for a little while yesterday in an area that I have always gotten four strong 4G bars. It's quite apparent they are doing some work in conjunction with this .905 rollout.

The most irritating thing about these little data drops is the fact they showcase what to me is a huge flaw in the Android phones in the fact every time the data reconnects it checks my email even though every setting there is is set to manual. In an ironic way, that "droooiidddd" tone let's me know when a data drop has occured.
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