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Originally Posted by some.devil View Post
I'm no professional, but I'm going to say the former. It seems that I need a much steadier hand when I take HDR shots as I almost always blur the image as the camera takes longer exposure shots.
I believe there is a pretty straightforward way of testing this -- go somewhere that is very bright (outdoors on a sunny day) where the shutter speed will be very fast and so motion blur will not be an issue, and then shoot with HDR while moving the phone extremely fast (whip your arm around or something).

In theory, this will eliminate motion blur as a confounding issue, but you should still see "ghosting" or the presence of 2 or 3 other shots overlaid on each other.

In my informal testing (without the benefit of full brightness), I'm seeing only motion blur and not the ghosting I've seen in HDR shots on my digital camera, so I'm inclined to believe it's not true HDR, but admittedly at the moment, the motion blur may be confounding things more than I can see.
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