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Originally Posted by NeoteriX View Post
I haven't heard this, but it seems like I should be able to test it easily. I'll try it sometime tonight. Apologies if I'm wrong on this.
My memory is that when we turned off mobile data and wifi, SMS didn't go thru.

I'd say no worries on getting it wrong (if that's true) - SMS is supposed to be a 2G service (but then again, that was per GSM operational specs, so who knows with CDMA).

And when considering that Handcent will allow single messages of more than 140 chars, via prefs, and it works on CMDA without becoming an MMS to accommodate that, there's clearly something outside of the norm happening.

PS - this is one example of the discussion I'd thought I'd remembered -

sending pictures over wifi?

So, we need to test this all again.

Plus, I have no idea how anything will be affected by 1x Advanced or LTE, if at all.
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