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Originally Posted by doogald View Post
Motorola phones maybe. Motorola has a custom mail app, not the stock Android email app. (It may be an issue with stock Android as well; my point is that you cannot blame it on Android because it happens on a Bionic.)

By the way, does the same thing happen with a good third-party mail client like K9 Mail? (Actually I believe that we have had this discussion before; it seems familiar...)
If I remember correctly, yes. Although I wasn't to impressed with K9. I'm also not a big fan of just downloading app after app. I have the few apps I need, a few "fun" apps like Tunein Radio and such but that's all.

Don't get me wrong, I am very impressed with my Bionic. Voice is nice and clear and it's a well made phone. I do think Verizon didn't implement their 4G in a very smart way, but honestly, it hasn't been too bad. Huntsville seems like a stable 4G area and .902 seems to work well. I don't even mind these little data drops that seem the last few days that coincide with the .905 rollout (I say coincide because it may or may not be related to any software upgrades, but the timing is certainly the same). I'm someone who perfectly understands work needs to be done and sometimes services get interrupted. Would just be nice if Verizon communicated a bit more with people.

I'm just hoping .905, and especially ICS, may take care of some of the issues that are more annoyances than actual flaws.
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