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OK, the men are calling for the gals to chip in to the conversation. First, I too chose to not have children. I always thought I would have a family as I love children. but as my career progressed (and I specialized in children) I found that i felt I had to make a choice about the direction I wanted my life to go. As a result of a lot of thought and prayers, I decided to not have children. It is amazing how difficult that decision is for other people to accept. I too have been told it was selfish etc. I am well past child bearing age and just last week my own mother asked if now that I am older I regret not having children. It seems that those kind of questions and comments do not stop. And no, I have no regrets. As to vasectomy, my husband chose to have one for the reasons other have stated here, its is a much less invasive procedure for the guys and he wanted me to stop taking oral contraceptive. So he had one 15 or so years ago and it was truly a non-event for him. I was to meet him at the doctors office. He arrived early for the appointment and they took him right in. I got there just before the scheduled appointment and he was on his way out, it was over. Now, his advice to those of you contemplating the procedure; follow the doctors orders, don't do anything strenuous for a few days and stock up on frozen peas !
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