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Hi all... many pages back....yeah feeling like a super dude at work. The kind where no one knows what is happening, only that there are no issues. So no one sees I am doing 3 jobs this week. And the cabinetry...building a cabinet that will hold a salt water fish tank. Building this one for a friend....needs to hold a 60gal tank and all the filtration, so 48"wx30"lx36"h...and needs to support about 1000lbs total. Simple 2x4 framing but dark stained wood, cabinet grade finish, with all the detail work that my router can handle...should be done next week.
Engagement shots should be available in a couple of weeks, so we are (excited) see them. Sort of as neither of us likes having our pics taken.....

For me, I have 3 children, all chosen to be born when I was in what I thought to be a committed relationship(20/20 hindsight and all of that)...and all 3 relationships did not work out. I love my children deeply, and look forward to them growing up. My current fiance would like to have a child, and although we have talked about the quantity that we already have...we have decided to try for one together after the wedding, of course as long as we both have decent jobs at that point.... After that...snip snip for me, I will be done. Turning 34 this week and need to be done...youngest is 5 oldest is 17....I would like to watch them all grow up and have families of their own.
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