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What a great ride! Like so many others, I was a launch day Incredible convert from an LG Dare. Definitely an iPhone beater of its time. I stood in line at the VZW store at 630am to be first in line and had pre-arranged with a sales associate to get my phone. It has been an awesome device. If it weren't for the shared data plans and the fact that I will lose unlimited data if I wait any longer, I wouldn't be upgrading. This thing still rocks! But the technology changes over the next two years will probably render the device somewhat crippled. Alas, I pre-ordered the GS3 a few days ago and I have to say I'm as excited about getting my hands on it as I was with the Dinc. The GS3 looks like a great device, I hope after 4 or 5 years it's as nostalgic as the Dinc. I can still use the Dinc over WiFi. It will be my new alarm clock or something!
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