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Default Airport city friend code

My friend code was ' 50pgj4 '. New device New code ' a79kjs2 ' all the best in your builds. Remember, its only a game.

I have a cheat I want to share with everyone that i tried on sunday17june2012.
Firstly, THey may bring in an update to stop this from happening. What im about to tell you.
My phone is the desire s. Little experiment i tried and it worked. Airport city Game works being connected to the internet. So how does the game track your time? some buildings give you coins after 20mins ,some after 1 hour, some are 1 day. The game uses your phone to track the time you have to wait. If you advance the mins or hours. You can restart your phone, reload the game and collect the coins that you would of been waiting for. If you just change the time this little trick maynot work. I had to restart my phone. But i did this all afternoon. Gaining well over 10000 coins. Of course i dont have many buildings. I've been playing the game slowly NOT Completing the tasks or missions, just playing at my own pace.
I complete some automaticaly. (trying to get 3 stars in all destinations before moving on). But the more buildings you have the more you can collect when you restart your phone, then Advance the mins or hours, then reload your game and collect the coins. As i said,when this is found out a new update may stop this from happening. Just remember that is just a time wasting game. Please leave post of your phone if this little cheat worked or not. Please read on. Newer info.

I have the desire s. On this phone even if you have closed an app, its still running in the background. instead of restarting your phone as i said yesterday. For Desire S users, not sure if this would work on other phones. My phone sometimes take a while to restart, but try ding this. After you have closed the Airport city game. Goto home main screen. Goto Settings. Goto Applicaions. Goto Running services. Goto Airport City. Select STOP. My phone shows 2 Airport Citys running i only have 1. if you have 2 stop them both. You now shouldn't need to restart you phone. Press back twice, or From the Main screen Goto Settings. Goto Date & Time. Then advance your minutes or hours or days. Your phone needs to show the different time. Now reload the game Airport City You can collect your coins, you can get your daily extras if you have advanced to the next day. You can do this over and over. I HAVE.

If you play the Sims freeplay. On a android device. Having to login at the right time all the time to send your Sims to work can be a pain. 2 things you can do. Send all your Sims to work at the same time, even though they start at different times by changing the time on your device. If you forgot to send them to work. Change the time on your device back to catch up with work time missed. Advance the time forward to send the early. You can even catch up on yesterday. Need a task to be done on a Friday when it's Monday, change the day and complete the task.
This is with the Sims. No more missed time. DON'T WAIST TIME ON YOUR GAMES.

Early@ 4am. 1Dec2013 When I sent my planes out this time I went back in time, return to normal time. My planes return. Flight should of taken couple of hours. It took second. I tapped to get more passengers a message appeared. Time travelers cannot collect passen blah blah. Contact support more blah. I checked settings, auto time on and correct. Tapped on the coins to collect but a message appeared. Time travelers cannot blah blah... So the time cheat is out. Game more boring now. Got onto this forum to let you know what you just read. I'm just left to uninstall the game now. From my Tablet. Friend code ' a79kjs2 ' won't be any good now. I've still got code 50pgj4 on my other old phone. The game won't update as the memory is to full to allow for the update. I can still play it. But It keeps saying daily limit reached. Code still works but what's the point, I can't send anything back.
Airport city. Fun for a while. But not anymore.
Files deleted. Program uninstalled.
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