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Originally Posted by Ima Zombie View Post
I would dl it, but I would rather not have to rely on an app to fix my phones problems.. And since there is a warranty and I just factory reset the phone, I don't have much to lose by just going in and getting a new phone. But hey, maybe the people at the store will know what the problem is! So thanks for tryin to help, but ima just go in today and see if they can help me and if not just get another Lg connect
LOL, why not rely on an app to fix a manufacturer issue? Every single thing running that phone is an app. The only difference between ours, and theirs is that we don't limit you :P

Good luck with anyone at metro having any sense at all, let alone technical. I spoke to four people trying to explain what a "dead pixel" is. Apparently they all have crt monitors, and dell optiplex 200's because there's no way they have LCD, LED, Plasmas, or TFT's and don't.

I hope that you can get something worked out, I was just trying to keep you from having to turn it in and get a new one 'cuz it's so close to the weekend now. You may not get it 'till monday if you have to get another. And last time they gave me a "temp" to use it was a candybar nokia with a whole 1" screen. The damn phone was the size of my fkn thumb. 'cuz THAT is worth the 300 that I spent and the three phones that replaced the one I was waiting on >.<
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