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Originally Posted by ajdroidx View Post
I am starting to suspect my network extender is sucking my battery dry over night. The reason? I use more battery in my phones (don't matter which one) with it just sitting over night. Out all day at work doing my usual on the device seems to use less battery. Either that, wifi eats up more battery then 3g/4g ???
Hey there, the extender saves my battery.. Without it, the constant searching for signal eats the battery in a few hours. I also have wifi on and don't see a drain from it. I do have to give verizon a kudo, our extender was warbling our outgoing voice to every number except other verizon wireless phones (weird,right?). Any way I called verizon to see if it could be fixed from their end, no luck. They offered to send me a new one free of charge and I am more than a year out of warranty. New one came today, warble is gone, sounds perfect! And it's a newer model, data enabled, to boot!
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