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Originally Posted by ajdroidx View Post
I guess I got a few more days to see if I want to keep this thing. The Maxx, I mean.

Looks like more radio issues with this, this time at home! Sitting at home and having my battery being eaten while I sleep and the phone on wifi and a network extender for the voice is not good. No good having that massive battery in the thing if its getting munched doing nothing. 4G has been very limited for me, however. The phone has mostly been on 3g but I am on the fringes of the towers.

Right now, that is about the only major bad thing I can think about with the phone, other then gingerbread.

The call quality is good, nice and loud. The phone is solid. While out, the battery is decent.

If this phone is going to have radio issues at home, like the nexus did, outside of the house, then I guess its really not worth having this one either. And I read about connection and wifi issues here in the Maxx forum too.

I really don't want to play music phones.

I did just root this thing too, but I am sure a restore to factory can be done. Will need to do this before returning anyway.

Does it stay or does it go?
Take it back! Take it back! Take it back!

Honestly, it sound like you may need to get a Rezound.

Wish I could help.
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