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Originally Posted by MalikBear View Post
I think it's funny how our X's are starting to go haywire right around Upgrade and New phone releases. I swear I had no real issues with my X rockin the Vortex RC1 rom for months now. As of a couple of weeks ago it's been freezing and battery has been jumping from 74 to 49.....

Just placed my preorder for a 16GB Pebble Blue GSIII. My DX was great until about 6 weeks ago. Been not saving pictures, slowingdow, not putting text into boxes when typing, won't play any media (no ringtone or notification sounds, won't play mp3s or videos), and recently wouldn't open the camera at all, and wouldn't connect to data even though I had a good signal. I have to reboot it ever 2 days anymore. The camera not opening was the last straw, this thing has just become too unreliable, but at least it waited until just before I would lose unlimited data and not afterwards!
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