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Originally Posted by jojo2007 View Post
Got my S3 last week wednesday and realised yesterday that i dont have the update option either. So Iphoned Samsung and they said I have to get a new phone from Orange as this is not correct and the option has to be there. So I was on the phone with Orange for 1.5 hours until i finally got a supervisor on the phone. I had to make him get a S3 so he could see for himself that the option was missing, as before he was giving all that BS about no update there as it is a new phone bla bla.

So he said i would get a new phone, as it is less then 2 weeks since i got the phone i should be entitled to a brand new phone (no refurb or anything), but because I have preordered on the 24/05 the system wont let them send me a new phone.

They said they would call me back withing 2 hours, well that was an hour ago. So i guess i will be ringing them again as I want a new phone.

To anyone having the same option issue, call orange now and get a new phone as that option has to be there.

Sorry for going on, just love my S3 but want it to work propperly.

By the way i think this will be my last time with Orange, their Customer Service is the worst.
I would completely agree with your comments about there customer service, utterly s*^te. I have also just spent an hour trying to get this sorted as my phone also does not have the 'software update' option in settings. The fifth person I spoke to was apparently someone from Samsung who said the updates were going out in batches. He didn't know about the software option in settings and I have serious doubts he was actually from Samsung.
I will be phoning again tomorrow to get this sorted, will let you know what happens.
How many people here who are on Orange have the software update option in settings?
Which number did you use to contact Samsung jojo2007?
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