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Default Samsung Galaxy S3 General Information and Troubleshooting FAQ

Hide tags are now fixed! You should now see the guide as it was written!

Hi guys and gals!

I am building a FAQ-style thread to reference the more common questions revolving around our new device, in an effort to cut down on repeat questions. If you wish to contribute, by all means, please do! I ask that we keep the replies in this thread relevant. As much as I would appreciate people posting how useful this is, I would like to keep the clutter to a minimum. The format will be: 1) The question 2) the answer and 3) the source thread (if applicable).

Let's begin!

This is a forum-member generated FAQ to help people solve issues with their phones. The most commonly asked questions are highlighted in RED.

General help and information sources:

Generic Troubleshooting Steps:

Section 1 - Switching to the Galaxy S3 from a previous phone?

1.01) How do I transfer stuff from my old phone to my new Galaxy S3?

1.01a) Need to transfer your contacts and calendar information?

1.02) I have another Android device with Google Authenticator, how do I move it?

Section 2 - General Galaxy S3 issues:

2.00) What is the difference between the International version and the North America version?

2.01) What are some battery saving tips?

2.02) The Talkback feature, how to I enable/disable it?

2.03) I'm having trouble with SmartStay!

2.04) What is the "1" on my weather widget?

2.05) I want to move from iTunes to having my music on the Galaxy S3

2.06) I can't move apps to SD!

2.08) Is the 16 GB going to be too small for apps and things?

2.07) My device keeps vibrating when playing audio

2.08) Can I use a generic MHL connector?

2.09) My Galaxy S3 cannot see the 5 GHz Wifi channel!

2.10) My Galaxy S3 WiFi drops out or runs slow

2.11) What is AllShare?

2.12) I keep getting random notifications!

2.13) Google Wallet says I need to update, but I did!

2.14) I keep getting odd messages in my notification bar

2.15) My wifi keeps turning on!

2.16) Bluetooth in my car doesn't work when I have a line out plugged in!

2.17) There seems to be some lag when I push the home key or change homescreens!

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