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Originally Posted by txmdrums View Post
See the problem is, I bought a Canon Vixia HG20 for my purposes, but I realized that I don't actually use it enough to warrant the video camera I bought. :/ I was hoping to use the thunderbolt instead, because the video quality seems pretty nice, and I already use an external microphone.

I don't see why I would need someone else there when it's all standstill video...? I set the camera and mic up beforehand, do a few tests, and when it all looks and sounds good, I roll.
I use a great tripod mount that I got on Amazon. Search for i.Trek Super Mount F, and you'll find a whole host of extremely well-made, durable mounts with threaded screw holes for attaching to any standard tripod. You're not limited to a smartphone-specific tripod this way.

Also, it's far more adjustable than any other smartphone mount I've seen. It fits over my Thunderbolt, WITH extended battery, AND the Seidio ACTIVE dual-layer case! Most mounts can barely fit over a thinner smartphone without its case.

Now, if you could please tell me, which external microphone do you use with your HTC Thunderbolt?? I have been looking all over the forums for a Thunderbolt-compatible external mic! Even mics that work with other Android phones don't seem to want to work with the Thunderbolt! I can't tell whether it's a hardware issue, software issue, or what! Would you mind describing your setup (what mic, what kind of app, etc.)?

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