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Originally Posted by guywithbluepants View Post
Has anyone used iris for personal assistant app
I've tried Jeannie (aka Voice Actions), Vlingo (quite a while ago), Skyvi, and just recently, Eva. They're all really interesting but I didn't find any of them good enough for me to keep them on my phone. Mostly I'd use an app like that right now for incoming/outgoing texts while driving, otherwise I can look anything else up myself (when not driving ) and don't really feel the need for an app to do that for me.

  • Jeannie was amusing to argue with but didn't seem to have the capability yet to read incoming texts, although I really like how she works for sending outgoing texts. She always confirms "really say 'hey how's it going?' to Abe Lincoln?" before sending the text. This app has a few options to customize, simple to use.
  • I tried Vlingo quite a while ago so maybe I should try it again since I don't remember anything specific & I'm sure it's been updated, the only thing I remember is that it didn't impress me for my uses at the time.
  • Skyvi can both read incoming and send outgoing texts but I hate the way it just sends off a text (which might have totally the wrong words if it didn't hear you correctly ) or makes you look at the screen to confirm it before sending. Kind of defeats the purpose of being hands-free. This app has hardly any options at all, very simple.
  • I just tried Eva after my brother kept telling me how great it is - it does seem to be a much more comprehensive assistant app but she irritated the #$%@ out of me by not being able to understand most of what I said, when other personal assistant apps and google voice understand me just fine. I uninstalled to keep from chucking my phone at the wall from frustration with that, no idea what the issue was but I didn't want to deal with it. This app has a TON of options, it almost seems too complicated for the average user.
Originally Posted by guywithbluepants View Post
I used to use alarm clock extreme it is so hard to figure out what 12x5 is at 4 in the morning
That's exactly what I love about alarm clock extreme; I tend to be one of those people who can just turn off the alarm in my sleep & have no idea I did it, so having to do math - although I pick the EASY math problems - works awesome for me. I suck at math when I'm wide awake so easy math problems are hard enough first thing in the morning, I have it set to solve 3 before I can turn it off or snooze.
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