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Originally Posted by PattiCakeUS View Post
I've tried Jeannie (aka Voice Actions), Vlingo (quite a while ago), Skyvi, and just recently, Eva. They're all really interesting but I didn't find any of them good enough for me to keep them on my phone. Mostly I'd use an app like that right now for incoming/outgoing texts while driving, otherwise I can look anything else up myself (when not driving ) and don't really feel the need for an app to do that for me.
I recently tried them too, and it's really getting on my nerves. All I want is one of these apps that will connect through my bluetooth headset. I can use my bluetooth to activate each of these, however none of them will listen through my bluetooth mic! No matter how they are activated, they all listen through the phone's mic... except for the native voice search... but the native voice search is entirely too limited for my needs.

Does anyone have a recommendation for one that actually utilizes bluetooth for voice commands?
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