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Default Memory or storage?

I am getting it too. Droid X, Gingerbread stock. It happens sometimes when installing a program and often when updating. Sometimes it will fail, but when I try a few times, it will work.

I have more than 1 GB available in internal storage and 8 GB on the SD card. But my RAM is constrained. Although the specs for my phone shows 512 MB of RAM, I am showing about 384 MB. Applications seem to hold onto RAM even after they are closed. Killing apps frees some up, but it quickly refills.

I am going to guess that a memory management function is trying to efficiently use most of the available memory, releasing it only when a more active program wants it. But there is a problem with the installation and/or updating process that causes it to not understand that memory could be available and throws the error.

Total speculation, of course.
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