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Originally Posted by dave1812 View Post
Here's my take on 905's abilities regarding holding onto a 4G signal--while the symbol tends to stay blue much more of the time, there are obvious interruptions in the data flow, as noticed by me when loading pages and playing games. It seems to me that what I'm experiencing with 905 is the same old "drops" but the icon isn't switching to white or disappearing. I might be wrong, but I doubt it, given how I've seen a lot of slow-loading web pages that I often visit. ie, I think Moto played with the data icon parameters and connectivity is pretty much the same as it was on 902.

Anyone else notice this? I use a LOT of data--up to 10GB a month, so I have lots of opportunity to observe connectivity issues...and I rarely stream any video.
Ah, but did you notice the upload/download arrows lighting up? I've seen this, and sometimes even on 3G it's the early indication that the data connection has dropped. Or if only the upload arrow is lighting up, with no indication that your phone is downloading anything, that's also a sign of impending doom regarding your data connection. :-p
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