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Originally Posted by heavensenttom View Post
The way the camera decides not to focus for no apparent reason. The way the facebook app won't show the picture you click on. The amount of bloatware. The way GoLauncher (to avoid the bloatware) constantly freezes and/or goes back to the home screen for no reason. I'm sure there's more I've forgotten right now.

And like I said, the way Sony doesn't seem even slightly bothered in supporting it. I don't care about the Xperia U/P, I just want ICS for the 400 device I bought, which on the box has an ICS logo and quotes "ICS upgreadable". Yes, but when.
Camera issue is there but is rare for me, the Facebook app issue is the same for all of my friends regardless of phone model so it's the app not the phone.

I don't use go messenger, just the native text app and whatsapp and have no issues but I do use almost every other go app from launcher, lock screen, and most of the widgets and it's flawless on my phone?

The update should be out by the end of the month but don't expect a huge change though...

Sony have done their best to implement the GUI from ICS on GB much like they did with the X10 when it was released on 1.6 they had managed to port over most of 2.1
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