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Originally Posted by ajdroidx View Post
Yeah, I suppose the CPU really don't matter, its just that the phone is basically out dated when we get it. I am not even sure the dual core chips are being fully utilized yet, let alone quad core. Sure the extra ram in the S3 is a bonus.

I just wish there was some kind of standard, but with GSM being the biggest network, us big red users are stuck with what they give us.

BTW, while I was in the AT&T store playing with the note, I ran a speed test on my nexus and hit 31.71 MBPS. Yes. With an M. Not KBPS. Talk about ironic.

BTW2. Yes. There is now a Galaxy Note in the house....
My quad core Prime doesn't seem to be any faster than my Nexus, so I'm not overly concerned with quad core.
Well, I'm not sure why or the exact details, but VZW is supposedly "unlocking" various devices to be used overseas (can't jump on T-Mo or AT&T I imagine). Haven't heard if the Nexus will make it, but I doubt it. Congrats on the Note, but I wonder if the store had some way to "enhance" their network to run faster than normal there.
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