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Originally Posted by dreadnatty08 View Post
My quad core Prime doesn't seem to be any faster than my Nexus, so I'm not overly concerned with quad core.
Well, I'm not sure why or the exact details, but VZW is supposedly "unlocking" various devices to be used overseas (can't jump on T-Mo or AT&T I imagine). Haven't heard if the Nexus will make it, but I doubt it. Congrats on the Note, but I wonder if the store had some way to "enhance" their network to run faster than normal there.
Actually, when I did a speed test with the note it only hit 1.3mbps It was my VZW nexus that hit those speeds

The Note is my moms

I did read that the razr, droid4 and I think another device was going to get a software update to make them "world phones" which does mean, I believe, that one could buy the razr and use it on a GSM network.

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