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Originally Posted by dreadnatty08 View Post
Morning everyone! Celebrating our 1 year anniversary today. Unfortunately we're both working so no actual celebrating. (basically the story of our lives)
We'll do something fun this weekend though.
Originally Posted by dreadnatty08 View Post
Thanks. The lady should be pleasantly surprised. We generally don't surprise eachother with any gifts (yeah, we're boring like that ) but I put her card in her purse to take to work, have flowers being sent to her work and got her a nice gift certificate to a spa to get a massage (which she desperately needs). Should make her day!
We are the same way - we don't give gifts to each other for birthdays/holidays/anniversaries, but now and then, we'll just surprise each other with something nice. If both people agree to the "no gifts" policy, it really takes a lot of stress out of holidays, saves some money, and makes those "surprises" even more special. Happy Anniversary...and many more to come!

Originally Posted by BabyBlues View Post
I ended the day by confirming travel plans....anyone want to know where?

Ok, I am going to tell you even if you didn't care - I'm headed to Kansas in 24 days to see DSB!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!

Originally Posted by IHateMyTreo View Post
Double Hit today.

Halon and Razorsharp

Get anything good (that you can discuss in public)?
Happy Birthday, Halon and Razorsharp!

Originally Posted by AntimonyER View Post
So, what does everyone think about the drop of our beloved GNex to $149 on VZW? My first reaction, was, wow, already? But then I realized, the VZW GNex has been out for over 6 months! And yet is still arguably the best phone on VZW (until the GS3 ships, that is).
If Verizon hadn't trapped us with losing unlimited data if we upgrade, I would probably be letting one of my kids use our 7/1 available upgrade to get one.
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