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Originally Posted by MicroByte View Post
I've been looking and really am considering a Galaxy 5.0 as a replacement for myipod touch. The feature set looks really great and Android in general seems really customizable and more of what I would like, but I wanted to see if anyone could help me with some questions.

Can you use the GPS function with an app with off line maps or is it purely wifi GPS only? I'd love to be able to have a GPS replacement if possible.

How customizable is the interface in general? I've played around with a display unit and I love widgets. I've seen various themes online that look like they are really different, can these be applied to any android system or do you have to do something special sir this?

Has anyone tried the Onlive game streaming app? Does it work with the 5?

I browsed around on the Android app store on the store unit. Is it pretty y much guaranteed that if it shows an app that it will work on the 5 or do you have to look for something specific?

Sorry, I know it's a lot to ask, but I'm really wanting to get away from ios and into something more open. I love the bigger screen size and it feels really good from my time with it.

A big thanks in advance!
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Greetings. I just got my GP5 (Galaxy Player 5) device recently, and I thought that I would pass along a really great find for you, in regards to your device and the built-in FM radio. The radio works GREAT, and has fantastic reception. I am able to hear FM radio stations from very far away, and that is a really strong plus.
Also, something that is just as great- there is an app that will allow you to pick up the RDS (Radio Data Signals) that piggyback with the FM radio frequencies. This allows you to not only hear the FM radio stations and songs, but also to SEE the name of the radio station, and the title of the song as well. I found the app on the Google Play site, and it's called "FM 2 O".
Great app!!!
Also, I have also found a fantastic way to get GREAT sound out of my GP5 device by using the JetAudio music player app. It will allow you to manipulate every song that you play on your Samsung GP5 so it will sound 10 times better than what you have ever heard before. I am not kidding- it's that good. It's also available on the Android site.
Quite honestly, the GP5 is vastly superior to the IPod in every conceivable way, and now it is even better with these two apps that I have found.
Since I have owned a Ipod, I can tell you that this GP5 device is much better than an Ipod, that once you own this, you won't go back to Apple.

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