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Originally Posted by anoniemouse View Post
HTC are in the process of doing what i said they would do, they will be releasing a new rom in the next 2 weeks. The devs over at xda have baked the beta ruu into a rom, this new rom finally uses the ICS kernel instead of the current gingerbread one.
Benchmarks are on par with the SGS3 with the added advantage of improved battery life & something that the SGS3 can't compete with, the low power 5th core on the HOX.
Should be pretty interesting to get new benchmarks to compare when the RUU for the HOX is finally released, may be worth waiting a little while longer if you haven't already chosen yet.
Actually you're wrong. It does compete. Sgs3 battery life is amazing.

SGS3 has lots of other power saving technology built in that HTC has not.

Also with a custom kernel, we have hotplug which dynamically switches cores on or off. I actually think the HTC struggles to compete on any level when it comes to power saving.

Once Samsung. Fix the cell standby issue (which even with, battery life thrashes desire with dGB) there's not even going to be a comparrison.

If you Google sgs3 one x battery life, people who owned both have stated that the sgs3 wins
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