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Right now, I'll take any news, even some sort of teaser from Sprint. I am currently on TMO--it sucks for me. I might get coverage in my house depending on what room I am in; right now I'm in my office-no service Service has been up since early December, and I have been waiting for the SS or Incredible. I was leaning towards the Incredible until I played with a friend's N1. I really liked it, of course I will wait for Sense, but I would really prefer to have something with the 4.3" screen. I'm a big guy with big ol' hands, the more room, the better. So I am in no big hurry, but if something isn't revealed soon, I will not wait much past June without some solid release info, I'm going to jump on the Incredible.

Honestly, I'd prefer Sprint, I've been with them before (had no problem with Customer Service, Reception, etc...) and I love the fact that they're soooooo much cheaper than everyone else. Plus, I live just down the street from their world headquarters here in KC, so I like supporting my local businesses, and I guess that this would count. But do not get me wrong, I'm not waiting forever while every other company out there brings the goods left and right.
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