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Originally Posted by billsmed View Post
I'm surprised to hear that from you, especially since you've been on the Supersonic bandwagon and you have all that WiMAX coverage where your family is in Texas. I'm reading the N1 will only be sold online through Google for the Verizon version, so I can't imagine it will be any different with Sprint. What do you like about the Moment?

Are you really that unwilling to wait just a little longer?
if they announce it then sure ill wait but if it is still just a rumor, and that's all it is, by the time ctia is over then i'll prob be caving, i just can't live with my instinct any longer, it just simply doesn't work at all, i can't even type, and the calls always dial the wrong person, the fav list is bugged.... enless missory with this phone, i do ultimately want the SS though
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