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Originally Posted by TexasBadger View Post
I have been having frequent 4G data drops for the past two weeks. Updating my firmware from 902 to 905 did not make things any better. Enough is enough. I just called Verizon and fought my way through their voice mail until I got a real person. She listened to my concerns and explained that all Motorola Droid Bionics were shipped with a SIM card that is now obsolete. She is sending me a new SIM card by Fedex and it will arrive in two days. An alternative would be to go to the nearest Verizon store and pick up a new SIM card. Either way, there is no cost to me except the time to install the new card. She says that she uses a Bionic as her personal phone and that she is confident that this will completely fix my data issues.
sounds like BS to me, quite frankly (the "obsolete" comment by the rep). but I COULD be wrong...having said that, I called for, and received a new SIM card back in December when I had Verizon swap out my Bionic due to terrible connectivity. The replacement phone is 1000% better than the launch-day unit I had and I still have the SIM card tucked away.
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