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Originally Posted by Stealthpanda View Post
To make sure we are clear here the steps are

1.With the phone on, put it into airplane mode

2.Power phone down

3.Power up, let the apps have a chance to start up first. Give it atleast a minute after the clock screen comes up.

4.The phone will have remained in airplane mode, turn off airplane mode.

The data connection will start shortly, this is when the glitch happens with the signal bars, btw its a bigger set of the same four bars, it shrinks and data boots up. You will have 100% connection tme in a well covered area.

I have discovered also that putting the phone back into airplane mde and out, as well as utilizing the wifi radio, or a powerdown out of airplane mode. Will put the phone back into submission. So refrain from altering the network connection after the airplane glitch.

I have contacted moto over the phone about this. They say "you are a genius sir" "keep dreaming up ideas and fixes." Hopefullybetween the phonecall and these posts i can get some serious crackdown on this.
i tried this last night, and it seems to hold a long as i don't toggle the Mobile on/off....which is what i normally do all day.

as soon as i turned off my mobile, then toggled it back on 20 mins later, i was back to a white "4g", with sparse or no connectivity. appears i still need a remedy for this, as i constantly toggle on/off my mobile (or wifi when near) during the day/night to save battery, etc.
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